Kawan minta I terbitkan di laman blog I sebab kawan tiada berblog kerna malas meng-update jika ada empunya sebuah blog. Tahupun update blog ini kerja yang memerlukan kerajinan… hehehe.

Apapun, I yang telah dijangkiti sindrom M.A.L.A.S., berasa gembira ada sedikit sajian kandungan yang boleh dimuatkan secara free ke blog I. Lagipun, I rasa tajuk perbincangan yang dibawa oleh penulis ini pun ok – berbincang tentang usaha menarik balik para professional yang sedang bekerja dan tinggal di luar negara – dan apa yang perlu dibuat oleh ahli media melalui penerbitan berita-berita yang dapat menarik perhatian mereka untuk pulang ke Malaysia selain dari usaha Talent Corp Sdn Bhd dan tarikan insentif cukai yang baru-baru ini dibawa oleh Perdana Menteri Najib Tun Razak.


Make happy those who are near and those who are far will come

Whenever bad news or allegations made it to the media, public curiosity rises and reason seem to fly out of the window.

Happy stories about good honest work by the common man in the street seldom make the daily front page of the media. Instead, gory details of accident, deaths and lurid lives of the famous/notorious caught up in immoral indulges or sexual escapades are hyped up and accorded prime space. All in a day’s work in the chase for money for media tycoons but doesn’t help much to bring positive improvement to advance the rakyat’s mindset.

Shouldn’t the forth estate (as a journalists tend to pride themselves) be living up to their profession by supplying their public with real issues of truth, honesty and righteousness rather than be made an unwitting accomplice in the promotion of personal truths, the unverified, voyeuristic stories of sex and publicizing disrespectful photos of the unfortunate dead?

There is still a window of opportunity to redeem the media practitioner’s reputation. Why not adopt one positive and solid message to start on the road to redemption for the dignity of the media? Find that one solid story that can galvanize the people and bring hope for the future.

One good example of the positive good for inspiration is 1Malaysia’s vision to achieve a high income nation by 2020. 1Malaysia is still in need good journalism attention. 1Malaysia is fighting to get commitment of local champions from all strata of society to make it a reality. 1Malaysia is searching for community leaders to bring updated good news to the grassroot. 1Malaysia will not work if the man and woman in the street are not given access by those whose job is to bring the good news to the common people.

Readers are always hungry for good news. Offer your readers hope, make them feel connected with a future and who knows, the media might be the secret tool that will attract our lost talents to come back home to Malaysia.

By: Bintang Bulan