Aku setuju benar dengan pendapat ini:

Setelah membaca kenyataan akhbar dari pihak MCA saya rasa keputusan yang di buat oleh parti itu memecat Dr Chua Soi Lek adalah tepat sekali.

Di bawah adalah kenyataan akhbar dari akhbar NST:

“What the respondent had done in failing to uphold the image and reputation of the party has not only “haunted” and hurt the party and the government, but is going to continue to “haunt” and hurt the government in the future, especially in every forthcoming by-election and general election, unless some drastic action is taken by the party,” the report explained.

The board also noted the parallel of former Parliamentary speaker Datuk D. P. Vijandran who had to succumb to public opinion and leave the political arena after he was linked to videotaped sexual activities.

“In short, it is safe to conclude that, for the general Malaysian public, a public figure in Malaysia is expected to behave like a public figure,” the report said.

“He cannot be a public figure and enjoy the luxuries of a private person at the same time, and when he is caught, he will not be allowed to defend and excuse himself by saying that it is my private life,” it added.

The report also highlighted that Dr Chua had himself stated, after the video surfaced, that he decided to resign from all posts because of moral problems and did not want to burden the party and the government.

One of the disciplinary board members, who declined to be named, reiterated the main reason for the explusion was that Dr Chua would be a liability to the MCA.”

Satu keputusan yang bijak seperti mana Tun Mahathir membuat keputusan terhadap Anwar Ibrahim. Jalan ceritanya adalah sama.